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A feeling of gratitude has an impressive effect not only on our daily activities but also on our body & the flow of Ki. Research has also shown that a feeling of gratitude effects the formation of snow flakes in a positive manner.

We can test this while standing. Stand straight & have your partner hold your shoulder. If you think an angry thought you will have difficulty in walking forward. If you change your feelings to one of gratitude (about anything) you will be able to easily walk forward.

When doing techniques a feeling of gratitude has a positive effect on our ability to keep one point and to move freely when attacked. Not only this but Uke is effected by our attitude which means we are moving in harmony (not using force) with our partner.

Various disciplines have done tests on how our emotions effect not only our health but also our emotional well being. When we are relaxed and have a feeling of gratitude we contribute to the emotional well being of those around us.

Who do you want to be around, someone that is angry and full of complaints or someone that is kind, peaceful and helpful?

There is an old Indian saying " I complained that I had no shoes until I met a man that had no feet". When I get upset about anything I think of this saying which enables me to let go of negativity which has a positive effect on my health, my peace of mind and how I relate to anyone and anything around me.