Arizona Ki Society

Ki Aikido - Scottsdale

The only school in Arizona recognized by the International Ki Society



1. Ki is flowing continually, all the time, thru us and thru every mountain, ocean, building, tree, flower etc.

2. The problem is how do we move in harmony with this universal Ki. There are of course many ways to practice this but one that we can practice in our daily activities (to help us live it, not just use it in the dojo) helps us no matter our activity.

3. Let us begin with the Jo. We will practice this with ONLY the feeling that we have a Jo in our hands. All of our movement (feelings) go far beyond our physical surroundings. When you thrust have the feeling that your energy is going through the wall in front of you. 

4. When you pull back have the feeling that you are pulling energy through the wall in front of you.

5. When you turn in a circle have the feeling that your Ki is going through all of the walls that surround you. 

6. If you are walking outdoors have (work on having) the feeling that you are in harmony with all of your surroundings, whether in the downtown area or out in the countryside. If there is traffic have the feeling that you are in harmony with the traffic and are helping it flow in a peaceful and thoughtful manner. 

7. If you are writing something (even paying your bills) have the feeling that Ki is flowing through you, through your pen or pencil or your fingers if you are on the computer.

8. Do everything we do with a feeling of gratitude and a desire to be kind and helpful to everyone we meet during the day!