Ki Aikido - Scottsdale

Arizona Ki Society

The only school in Arizona recognized by the International Ki Society



It is easy/normal (when taking a test) to try to pass it. This is especially true when there are a large number of fellow students watching. While this may be normal, we should remember that trying to pass is the wrong way to achieve success.

Remember while being tested that the Instructor is using your body to determine the state of your mind. Trying to pass puts tension into your body which is the opposite of what you should do.

Rule 1. The Instructor must keep one point while doing the test

Rule 2. The student taking the test must keep weight OVER the one point. Not just at the moment of the test but throughout the entire testing process.

Rule 3. It is always easier to relax if we begin from the bottom of the feet upward. This is something else we should practice daily.

Rule 4. Never look the Tester in the eyes. If you do this you will not pass the test.

The first three levels of Ki Testing are done without Ki. The rest of the testing is conducted using Ki. The Instructor (when using Ki) will lightly touch (did a butterfly just land) BARELY move your hand so that there is no pressure (repeat no pressure) and then touch to determine the state of Uke's mind.

It also helps to let students do some of the practice Ki testing. This helps them understand the concept of "Keep One Point". When explaining to others our own understanding grows.​