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Ki Aikido - Scottsdale

Arizona Ki Society



The four basic rules
1. keep one point
2. relax completely
3. keep weight underside
4. ki is extending

The main question is how do we know that we are relaxed completely and how do we test this concept to help us use it not only during practice but also in our daily life.

Doctors tell us that stress is the root cause of 80% of all illness. During practice the deeper we relax the more efficient we perform techniques. In our daily life the more we relax the happier we are and any and all relationships are better and more enjoyable.

1. Hold your hand out and have your partner hold your index finger. If you try to raise your hand it is almost impossible to do. NEXT: Do this again but THINK that your finger is holding his hand. When you raise your hand it is so easy that is feels like he did it for you.

2. Relax your shoulders. When we do this we automatically move from the one point. When we do techniques if we relax the shoulders techniques become almost effortless. A simple test. Stand up with your partner holding your shoulder (not pushing)  and walk forward. NEXT: Do the same test but concentrate on relaxing your shoulders. Not only are we free to move but our partner goes forward with us.

3. Raise your hand/arm out in front of you. Your partner then pushes your arm down from the wrist. If your partner relaxes his shoulders he can push your wrist down with two fingers. NEXT: Let  your arm come up (there is no feeling of tension) to the same position. No matter what your partner does it is almost impossible to push your arm down. There is no tension if we let (not make) our body move.