Arizona Ki Society

Ki Aikido - Scottsdale

The only school in Arizona recognized by the International Ki Society

July 2019 

​Thoughts From Tohei Senshei

The center of the universe is located in your one point. want proof?
Think the center of the universe is located within your one point. Step to the right, did he universe get any shorter on your right side & longer on your left side?

Why is this important? When we have the feeling that our onepoint is the center of the universe it makes everything we do both easier and in harmony with the universe. When we move in harmony with the universe we are in harmony (not only with Uke)
but with everything around us.

Extending Ki (we do not use that term anymore) makes us think that we have to do something physical to "force" Ki out from our fingertips. Now we say Ki is extending which is a natural result of relaxing completely.

Down is ALWAYS down between our toes which means UP is straight up from between our toes, sort of like a jo in a vertical position. Everything else is "out there somewhere". TEST: hold your arm straight out to the side & have your partner hold it up. Try to bring it down from the location of his hand. NEXT think down is below your elbow. THEN think that down is between your toes (you can bring your arm down when you extend Ki correctly).

Sometimes we say extend Ki up toward the ceiling (depending on the technique we are practicing). Think of your fingertips as a flashlight & the light is going up (not the flashlight) so do not try to use your arm/hand/fingertips in a physical movement to "touch the ceiling".