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JUNE 2024


1. What is the feeling and how do we get there? What tests can we do to help our understanding?

2. First, being one with (in harmony with) the universe is a large feeling, not a small feeling. A small feeling is controlled by the Ego, a feeling of wanting to be in control.

3. When standing, have your partner push your shoulder backward. If you resist you will be easily moved. NEXT: have a small feeling that you are in harmon;y with the universe. NEXT: Have a large feeling (by large I mean front, back, up, down, sideways) for thousands of miles. This time when your partner pushes your shoulder he is the one that will be moved backward.

4. The most dangerous thing we do is to drive to any location. When driving we should have the large feeling of being in harmony with everything, not just the traffic in front of us. If we are in harmony with the universe, not just the drivers around us, the traffic opens up and we have a more peaceful/safe journey, be it to the grocery store or to a vacation location.

5. WARM UP EXERCISES: When doing Ni-Qu our feeling goes out from the one point (when our arms go forward) front, back, up, down, sideways out into the universe. When our arms come back in the universe (from all directions) comes back into our one point. The same feeling goes for San-Qu or Kote Oroshi. 

6. When we are kind and show appreciation to everyone we meet in our daily life we are in harmony with the universe. We should ask ourself how others affect us and how do we maintain a kind and understanding feeling/beingness in our daily life.


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