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Ki Aikido - Scottsdale

The only school in Arizona recognized by the International Ki Society‚Äč



While we stress the use of Ki when practicing in the Dojo why should we limit the practice of Ki is extending to only the Dojo? The odds are that we will never get into a physical confrontation. It is good to be able to handle any such situation in a physical manner it is always better to use the understanding of Ki to calm the situation down into peaceful dialog.

The most dangerous thing we do on a regular basis is to drive our car. This could be a short trip to the grocery store or on the highway on a long business or recreational trip. We have advocated and have practiced driving while (when holding the steering wheel) pointing forward with our index finger. This practice increases our awareness of what is going on further out on the road.

Recently while drinking a cup of coffee together (something we always do after Friday morning weapons class) Tom Miller suggested that it is easy to increase our awareness if we extend both the index & middle fingers instead of only the index finger. I tried this and was sort of amazed at how much this simple change effected my awareness in a positive manner while driving.

It is interesting that we always point with our index finger while thrusting out a jo it also improves this if we extend both the index and middle finger. 

We are going to practice this in any situation that we can think of in our daily life in any and all applicable situations.