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We talk about "RELAX COMPLETLY" which is an important topic, not only for the art of Ki Aikido but also for our health, both physical and mental.

If we feel pressure, either physical or mental, we have a tendency to react in the same manner. We often apply pressure unconsciously when practicing at the Dojo but also in our daily life.

There are many ways to improve our ability to relax. Why is it important to practice various "methods" to help us understand the deeper meaning of "RELAX COMPLETELY"?

We learn by listening, by practicing, by thinking by watching etc. In this blog we will explore (by testing) the deeper meaning of "Take The Pressure Off".

To keep the test simple we will test by your partner standing by your side and holding your shoulder. If he is to your left he will hold (not push) your shoulder with his right hand.

Walk forward & then (mostly mentally) take the pressure off of your shoulder & walk forward. The physical aspect is so small that it is imperceptible to anyone watching.

Stand with your arm in front, your index finger pointing upward. Your partner stands in front of you strongly holding your finger to prevent you from extending your arm. If you take the pressure off you can easily move your arm forward.

You can do this test while looking at something, when listening to something, when speaking or any activity. Prior to doing any technique mentally take the pressure off of you body, it is interesting how this effects Uke.