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Sometimes it is difficult to explain what the term KI means and how do others understand it. 

It helps to use a flashlight if we explain/describe KI. Everyone can relate to the light coming out of a flashlight. 

So I will use "light" to describe the flow of KI, not only in the dojo but also in our daily lives.

When we are walking without thinking & our partner pushes our shoulder as we pass it is easy for him to shove us backward. NEXT: Do the same but this time visualize light flowing from your fingertips. This time your partner will be the one that bounces backward. It is also interesting that if we visualize light flowing from our fingertips we automatically move from the one point.

Before we hold a jo see/visualize light flowing out the end (ALWAYS) flowing from the end that is in front of you. If your partner is holding the jo then before you touch it see the light flowing from the end & move the light, not the jo. 

When we try to control we lose control as force ALWAYS creates a counter force. This is why extending KI/light from our fingertips is one way to not (repeat not) run into our Ego. 

If you are practicing Kokyu Dosa  the light flowing from our fingertips is BEHIND our partner before he touches/holds our wrists. If we do this properly we can easily throw him over with very little physical movement.

Let your imagination run wild and try this principle in as many ways as you can think of.