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Keeping one point is one of the basic techniques/understanding mind and body coordination. It is interesting the different methods used to helpunderstand as well as test this principal.

I think it is better/more efficient to think of relaxing the one point VS keeping the one point.

EXAMPLE: Lean your head to the right as far as it will go. Then relax theleft side of your neck and your head will go further. From the same position relax your one point and your neck will stretch even more.

An important part of our principles is to (relax completely). The more deeply we relax the easier and smoother our techniques.

If we are practicing Ikkyo and our partner tries to resist we may respond with muscle power if we are not careful. This could happen when doing any technique if we are not careful. Should this happen only think of relaxing our one point, NOT trying to move your partner.

Even while doing everyday activities think of relaxing our one point rather than keep one point. Both thoughts are positive but when we think of relaxing our one point we are killing two birds with one shot.

1. Keep One Point
2. Relax Completely

One of the best things that have happened to me was the privilege of training with Tohei Sense for so many years. My life and so many others have changed for the better.

I also want to thank Virginia Pirrone for her kind and professional help with our web page.

I hope to see you at World Camp next year.​