Arizona Ki Society

Ki Aikido - Scottsdale

The only school in Arizona recognized by the International Ki Society‚Äč


At a time when most Dojos are closed because of the dangers imposed by the Corona Virus raises the question of continued practice. While what we teach and practice is great for self defense probably for most of us we will (fortunately) never have to use it in our daily lives.

When emergencies hit there is always an increased chance (because of acts of desperation) or more acts by criminals than usual we can be grateful for Tohei Sensei and his teachings.

Ki is extending when we relax, especially when we are sending a positive thought on a (as much s possible) continuing basis. We can do this by testing our self since most of us have no partner to practice with.

First Test: Hold your arm across your stomach as tightly as you can (making a fist). Try to push your arm down with as much force as you can. NEXT: Repeat the above while thinking a pleasant thought. Pleasant thoughts always (repeat always) bring forth both relaxation and the flow of Ki..

When (not if) we practice Ki Breathing try to have a pleasant thought "BEFORE" we begin. Sometimes we think "well I should do this even if I do not feel like it". If you have a partner present sit down with the thought that I should do this & have your partner push you to the side. NEXT: repeat the above but have a positive thought BEFORE, not after you begin and repeat the above test.

I am grateful not only for the shared teaching but of the friendships I have been so fortunate to receive over the (WOW 50 + years).

I hope all is well with you and yours.