Ki Aikido - Scottsdale

Arizona Ki Society

The only school in Arizona recognized by the International Ki Society



1. The first thing to remember is that it is NOT our Ki, it is the Ki of the universe that is flowing through our body! We are only guiding it to the effective parts of the body.

2. It is important to have the feeling of unconditional love (in the spiritual since) prior to and during any healing session.

3. It is also important to “relax completely” not only in our daily life but particularly so if we are doing Kiatsu.

4. The individual that you are working on sould be in a comfortable position (THIS INCLUDES OURSELF) during a Kiatsu healing session.

5. We usually do not talk about Kiatsu to the brain. As we (hopefully) get older the brain can suffer memory losses as well as forms of dementia. Fortunately Kiatsu can help alleviate/control some of these symptons.

6. There is a “soft” spot on both sides of our skull.This soft spot is located just above our eye brows.

7. When we first touch the sides of our head  our fingertips are naturally pointed in an upward positions. This one of the three positions that are necessary to assist in the Kiatsu to the brain sessions.

8. The next hand/finger position is horizontal as this directs Ki  to a different portion of our brain.

9. NEXT:  Curl our fingers so that they are sending Ki in a somewhat downward position (still heading in the direction of the brain, not space below it).

10. I have found that both my short term and my long term memory has improved after a few 15 minute sessions.