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Ki in Japanese means the basic building blocks of the universe. Whatever you want to call it atoms, quarks, bosons or now there may be something else even smaller.

Physicists tell us that atoms are composed of 99.999% empty space. I believe they know what they are talking about so how do we use this in our Ki Aikido practice as well as in our daily lives?

The earth is spinning at 900 miles per hour. It is moving around the sun at 76,000 miles per hour. We have the illusion that we are sometimes standing still. This illusion causes us to try to move someone that is already moving.

In techniques we sometimes try to use force to throw our partner. Force always (repeat always) results in counter force. The realization that everyone is already moving means that all we have to do is move in harmony with the universe. Not just in harmony with our partner but with a larger feeling. That includes everyone and everything around us.

Something that always impresses me is paired figure skating. The way they move together is both beautiful and inspiring. There is no force, only harmony.

This means that whatever we are doing, drinking a cold beer with friends (or
a cup of coffee) we can practice the feeling of being in harmony (not only with those around us) but also with what we are drinking.

A simple test: Stand while your partner holds your shoulder. Try to walk forward while thinking that you have to move him. This is difficult to do, especially if he is much larger than you are. NEXT: Relax (always better to do this starting from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head) and walk forward with the feeling (understanding) that you are moving together.

Practice this understanding in your daily life.